We teach basics

We promote healthy living by teaching people how to stay healthy, be safely active, and eat abundantly.

We promote a healthy emotional life by teaching people how to be kind to themselves and others.

We promote an aware life by teaching people how to live with more self-reflective awareness in body, speech, and mind.

We encourage wisely placed generosity, with the understanding that abundancy flows like a spiral of increasing scope and magnitude.

We teach an essential and progressive System of Meditation

  • Integrating in a centripetal way through focusing on the breath.
  • Radiating in a centrifugal way the natural positivity of a healthy mammalian brain.
  • Releasing of elemental accumulations that create a fixed, rigid sense of self.
  • Imagining other dimensions of being that lift the spirit and provide inspiration.

Why “Health, Love, Awareness, and Abundance”?

Buddhist teachings began with a man who defined himself as “Awake” – which is the literal translation of Buddha. And this Awakened One said that the quality of being describing his experience was the absence of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

Health is the physical foundation for developing Abundance (non-greed), Love (non-hate), and Awareness (non-ignorance).

Simply put, these four qualities – Health, Love, Awareness, and Abundance – define the whole of Buddhist mental and physical cultivation in a universal and easily operative way.