Imagining Workshops

Amitabha from Chetral Rinpoche

Imagining other dimensions of being that lift the spirit and provide inspiration.

We promote an imaginatively multidimensional experience through using traditional devotional practices.

Imagining involves developing a sense of presence for sources of inspiration that are experienced as originating outside oneself. This results in a more lucid and magical experience of the world and our place in it.

Imagining is part of an essential and progressive System of Meditation

  • Integrating in a centripetal way through focusing on the breath.
  • Radiating in a centrifugal way the natural positivity of a healthy mammalian brain.
  • Releasing of elemental accumulations that create a fixed, rigid sense of self.
  • Imagining other dimensions of being that lift the spirit and provide inspiration.

After a firm foundation of integrative Awareness through Just Sitting and the Mindfulness of Breathing, followed by the expansive protective nature of Love radiated through the Development of Loving-kindness, using Releasing practices to provide a field of empty potentiality, it is finally appropriate to cultivate Imagination to contact and experience the heaven-like archetypal realm of the Buddhas.

Imagining Practices

Within the scope of broader Buddhist unity, Pacific Buddha emphasizes three of the most common Imagination practices found respectively in the first three Historical Phases of Buddhism.


– Gain access to the deeper significance behind traditions that are widely popular as the final practices for Buddhists across Asia.
– Understand the influence of South Asian henotheism on deity yoga in the Buddhist tradition.
– Learn to distinguish the difference between a visual image and the presence of one’s devotion.
– Apply sound as a method for mental cultivation – progressing from vocalized sounds to eventually sitting in external silence while listening through one’s inner ear.
– Enjoy learning to master the development and completion stages of Mantrayana and Vajrayana meditations, through easily accessible Mahayana methods.
– Gain tools to properly perform an existing visualization and mantra recitation practice that came with an initiation by cross training in this simple, universally accessible method.