Chinese translations

UPDATE: Sangharakshita’s first book translated into Chinese.

人的開悟的理想 Human Enlightenment, by Sangharakshita. Translation into Chinese thanks to Pabodhana and the Translation Society of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


For over 2,500 years, Buddhist teachings have been preserved in poetry

Verses from Venerable Hong Yi (弘一大師), a Chinese Buddhist Patriarch of the Vinaya School

Translation [and commentary]:

– – –

It’s intolerable to see
The continual endless suffering
Of all living beings
[When its source is their delusion];

And it’s unbearable to witness
The Sage’s teaching in decline
[Where it once was well established
For over a millennia].

– – –

Outside the long pavilion walkway,
Along both sides of an old path,
There grow the most fragrant wild grasses
Whose vivid green blends into the sky.

[It’s always there to teach
And ready to be realized,
With sound,
With no sound.]

– – –

While the evening wind chases a flute’s song,
The setting sun slowly turns away…
Within the wide expanse of sky,
And all corners of the earth,
Who truly encounters another?

[Without saying a word,
By just ringing a bell,
The naturally
Understand each other.]

– – –