Our Mission:

Educating communities about Health, Love, Awareness, and Abundance.

Our goals:

Giving meditation instruction,

while training future instructors who in turn teach others about these four portals.

What we do:

We provide meditation instruction,

with an emphasis in reaching Chinese and English speakers.

Why “Health, Love, Awareness, and Abundance”?

Buddhist teachings began with a man who defined himself as “Awake” – which is the literal translation of Buddha. And this Awakened One said that the quality of being describing his experience was the absence of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

Health is the physical foundation for developing Abundance (non-greed), Love (non-hate), and Awareness (non-ignorance).

Simply put, these four qualities – Health, Love, Awareness, and Abundance – define the whole of Buddhist mental and physical cultivation in a universal and easily operative way.